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Imagine what it would be like to hear the doorbell, open the door and be handed your very own 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' kit.

A premium gift box containing brand new scrapbook supplies that we've carefully selected to inspire and support you to create beautiful layouts each month.

Using our 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' kit, your pages will come together faster because we've selected all coordinating supplies just for you.

This means that every element on your finished layouts (from embellishments to lettering) will compliment each other perfectly.

Or as we say, we've done the selecting, so you can focus on the creating!

Here's a sample of what can come in our monthly kits:

    10 Sheets of Gorgeous Card Stock that is on a relevant theme (Winter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc)

    Sheets of sparkling stickers

    Exquisite embellishments

    Washi tapes

    Chipboard letters

    Striking alphabet stickers and much, much more!

And these are new 'cutting edge' supplies that look good now!

They are not old, discontinued stock that someone is trying to get rid of (beware of kit clubs that may do this!)

Our 'Scrapbooking Coach at Home' kit brings the very latest 'on trend' scrapbook supplies and delivers them straight to your door.

And the best part? Every single kit is lovingly put together by Scrapbooking Coach, Anna Lyons. So you can have the peace of mind knowing that everything will just match and look beautiful.

At Scrapbooking Coach, our goal with our 'At Home kits' is to bring you joy and fulfilment in every single kit!

And the excitement of getting a new kit every month is a wonderful way to stay motivated and to make progress on that stubborn collection of photos.

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Enjoy the peace of mind of getting brand new, stunning supplies that have been lovingly put together and then sent to you.

Supplies that will inspire you to keep preserving your most precious memories month after month!

Our 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' kits are for the dedicated scrapper who's short on time and ideas.

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