4 Scrapbook Page Ideas
You've NEVER Tried Before!

Are you looking for fresh scrapbooking ideas for your scrapbooking albums? Feel like you keep doing the same ideas over and over? Read on for some great ideas!

1. Gratitude scrapbook page ideas

scrapbook page ideas
Creating Gratitude Pages Is A Unique Way Of Saying Thank you
Whether you're married and have a family, or you're single, there are so many things in life to be thankful for. It might be big things such as people who are dear to us, good health or a decent job, or small things like a rainbow after the rain.

How about creating a scrapbook album that reflects your gratitude? A fun way to do this is to use the letters of the alphabet, using one letter per layout.

Begin by creating your list of the people and things you are grateful for, one item for each letter of the alphabet. Then collect photos, pictures from magazines, stickers, etc. that represent these items.

It might sound challenging at first, but as you work along, you'll find this to be a fun project. Some pages you might want to include journaling, while others the photos can speak for themselves.

For the titles, use die-cut letters for the first letter of the page, which will make it obvious that it is an ABC book. Use rubber stamp lettering for the rest of each word. A possible title for your album could be "Forever Grateful" or "I'm Thankful For..."

Press play on the video below to see how to give your gratitude page a beautiful background!

2. Scrapbook page ideas for someone with a serious illness

Want to provide special encouragement to someone with a serious illness?

Let family and friends know that you're putting together a scrapbooking layout and ask them to send you a greeting card with a personal message (written just on the inside right page), a photo of themselves, and a special embellishment. You might want to provide a list of ideas regarding the embellishment (tiny flower, sticker, button, small bow, ticket stub, etc.)

As you put the album together, consider these ideas for scrapbook pages. Create a one page layout for each card.

The main focus of the layout will be the inside right page of the card and the photo of the person/family that sent the card. Mat the card page and photo with matching matting. Cut out items from the front of the card to add to the layout. Depending on how many cards you receive, you might want to create sections for the scrapbook, such as family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. The recipient of these scrapbook page ideas will be very appreciative of the loving thoughts sent his or her way.

3. Family or friends recipe scrapbook page ideas

Do you and your family or friends exchange your favorite recipes? Are there certain times during the year that you just have to fix Grandma Marian's meatloaf or Aunt Bea's baked beans? How about gathering the recipes together and creating a recipe scrapbook album? Here are a couple of ideas for scrapbook pages for family to help you get started.

If you're able to scan the recipes and they're legible, this is a great way to preserve the recipe and memories of the person who used the recipe a lot. As you look at the greasy spot on the upper corner of the recipe, it will bring back fond memories of baking together. As you design your scrapbook layout, if possible, include a photo of the person who the recipe belongs to. Journal a memory to go along with the recipe such as, "Every Christmas, mom and I would make peanut butter buckeyes to give as a gift to our neighbors and friends."

A second option would be to create your scrapbook pages digitally. You can find free recipe scrapbook pages which will allow you to type in each individual recipe. You'll have a variety of backgrounds to choose from and some layouts will let you include a photo as well. If you decide to go with the digital option, one of the bonuses of this option is that you can make multiple copies to give to family and friends.

4. Family tree scrapbooking page ideas

Been wondering what to do with the box of old photos that has been sitting in your closet for a couple of years? Create a family tree album.

Sort through the photos and make a pile of relatives from your mother's side of the family and a pile of your father's side of the family. Next, sort through the photos and choose one to three photos of each relative. Create a layout for each relative, including information regarding their birthday, where they were born, etc. Embellish layouts with old buttons, ribbon, saved newspaper clippings and other nostalgia items. As you create titles for each page, use "Aunt", "Grandpa" and such along with the person's name. If you have a lot of relatives you might want to create one photo album for each side of the family.

Try one of these scrapbook page ideas for a fresh approach to scrapbooking. The key thing to remember is that a scrapbook album can serve so many purposes–a celebration, preserving the past, reflecting on life, or encouraging someone else. Scrapbook page ideas are endless, just let your creativity flow.

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