You're about to discover how to create beautifully hand crafted flowers like the ones in the magazines, that you can use on your pages, cards and other craft projects!

"At Last! Dead Simple Instructions To Create Beautiful Scrapbook Flowers In 10 Minutes Or Less Using Your Own Stash AND Without Spending An Extra Dime On Expensive Equipment!"

From The Desk Of Anna Lyons (

Dear Scrapbooker,

If you've tried to make your own paper flowers, you know how frustrating it can be.

Doing a magazine tutorial looks easy enough, until the instructions run one step into another and then you're left guessing what to do next!

Or more frustrating, is taking a class only to be told you have to buy expensive equipment before you can even start!

Today I want to show you how to create your own hand made paper flowers quickly and easily using common items of your own stash without emptying your purse.

Bottom line is, creating flowers for your projects doesn't have to be expensive and confusing. It can be simple and cheap to get started!

Hi, I'm Anna Lyons, founder of Scrapbooking Coach.

After years of talking with and helping scrapbookers, here at Scrapbooking Coach I wanted to give scrapbookers a simple flower making tutorial that shows how to create dazzling flowers quickly and easily for their pages, cards, mini books and gift books!

And I've compiled it all in one easy to follow online video class....

"Introducing Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less..... Teaching You How To Create Gorgeous Flower Embellishments From Regular Household Items, And FAST!"
Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less is a 90 minute online video class that teaches you how to create flowers that will look better than ANYTHING bought from the store.
Because this is an online video class, each flower tutorial is broken into easy to follow steps, where you see EVERYTHING happen right before your eyes! This means no more confusion or frustration for you.

I'll explain....

When it comes to scrapbooking technique, an online video class is the best way to learn.

Trying to learn something from a magazine, is tough. There's half the steps their should be, the photos aren't always clear and the instructions run into each other. The end result?

You end up with something that looks nothing like what you set out to create.

"I can make these flowers again and again! If I can do this anyone can! Thank you SO much!"

Kelly S., USA
"With Our Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less You'll Create Exquisitely Beautiful Flowers In A Snap! Without Any Confusion, or Overwhelm, Here's Why....."
In a video class, you get to see everything. Even our mistakes (yes we're human and make mistakes)! But the best part is, once you see our goofs we show you how to fix them.

This makes the whole learning process much easier and more realistic.
When we set out to create The Fabulous Flowers Masterclass, we wanted to make sure that we could show you how to create stunningly beautiful flowers without buying expensive supplies!

So we've hand picked 9 of the most beautiful flowers we could find, and we'll show you how to create them without buying any new supplies!

So creating your flowers not only is fun but in-expensive.

Step-by-step instructions so you don't get confused!
Oh and another thing, in this class, we won't tell you to go out and buy this and buy that....instead we'll show you how to re-purpose things in your existing stash to get incredible results.

This means you don't have to go to the store to get started. If you've got a punch or two, and a few basic household supplies then you'll be able to start having fun with your own flower making today!
"Check Out The 9 Incredibly Gorgeous Flowers You'll Create In Our Fabulous Flowers Masterclass!"
"Here's Just Some Of What You'll Discover ..."
  • How to turn the pages of an old book into a gorgeous flower! (recycle your old books and save MONEY on buying new materials!)
  • How to create your own handmade loom! (so you can create the yo yo flower in ANY size for almost any project!)
  • How to create a gorgeous flower out of scraps of vintage fabric!
  • How to take ordinary kitchen foil and transform it into an unforgettable flower!
  • Each flower comes with it's own PROJECT PDF with each flower broken into steps with accompanying photos of each step (so you can print it off and make your flowers at your next crop weekend)
"Creating Flowers For Your Pages, Cards & Mini-Books Has NEVER Been Easier With Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less"
We wanted to give you a simple, straight forward flower making class that wouldn't require you to rush out to the store and buy expensive supplies and equipment.
And that, is exactly what we've done.

Now before we go any further I need to tell you that Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less is an online video class.

This means you can watch it on your computer, tablet or even smart phone! So you can take it to your next crop, or watch the class in bed. If you've got a computer, tablet or smart phone and an internet connection you can take in the entire class from wherever you like!

Plus, to make your flower creation EVEN EASIER, we've included 9 BONUS project PDF's for each of the flowers.

Easy Watch Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less on Your Computer!
A project PDF is a printable document that shows how to create each flower step-by-step with accompanying photos. Project PDF's are great way to create your flowers when you're on the move (vacations, staying with friends etc). Simply decide which flower you'd like to create, print off the Project PDF and create!
"Here's What Scrappers Are Saying About Our Breakthrough Scrapbook Training Classes!"
"I am SOOOOO INSPIRED ALREADY! Thank you for a tool that will definitely become part of my scrapbooking toolkit!"

Kylie P, Adelaide, Australia
"Anna – OMG....Makes me want to take off work right now and go home and scrap!"

Kellie, S. Oklahoma
"This will be a great resource to have in your scrapbooking'll NEVER be stumped for an idea again!"

D.T. Austin, TX
"I am THRILLED.... Boy will this come in handy!"

Connie Decker, USA
"Now, If You Order Your Copy Of Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less Today I'll Include Some Incredible Bonuses Totally Free..."
If you've read this far then I know that you're seriously considering investing in Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less. And why wouldn't you?

Once you know how to create your own flowers, think of the money you'll save not having to buy them from the store! One standard flower die from a store can set you back $20 all by itself!

So, to make this an easy decision for you, I want to give you some free bonus classes that will also inspire your creativity even more!

Free Bonus # 1 -9 X Flower Project PDF's (Value $44.55)
A project PDF is a document that takes you through each step of creating each of the flowers step-by-step.
This will help you:
  • Complete your flowers in HALF the time because you follow only the main points of the project (skipping the extra tips and explanations)
  • Fully understand the steps of creation without having to rewind a video and watch it over and over.
  • Be able to take a break from your project and when come back to it, know exactly where you left off.
  • Make your flower making portable! Simply print out the project PDF and take it with you so you can create at your next crop or vacation....
Complete with high quality images of each step, you can use them to follow along as you watch the class, or print them out and take them with you to your next crop!
Valued at $4.95 each, we'll include 9 project PDF's for each of the flowers as a free bonus (total value: $44.50)
Free Bonus # 2 -The Die Cut Dillema! (Value $19.95)
In The Die Cut Dilemma online video class we talk everything die cutting!

We'll show you....
  • How to use embossing folders to create beautiful effects on ordinary paper so you can up-cycle your unused paper!
  • How to save $$ and make die cuts from old scraps
  • How to use punches to create die cuts WITHOUT buying a machine!
  • How to reuse old household materials and turn them into beautiful die cuts
  • How to create a chipboard looking die cut out of regular paper
  • How to store all your dies so you can find them quickly & easily
  • Plus lots LOTS more!
Free Bonus # 3 -Understanding Adhesives (Value $19.95)
There's so much confusion about scrapbooking adhesives.

In fact, if you use the wrong adhesives on your pages, they can destroy your photos and the rest of your page.

In the Understanding Adhesives online video class, we explain the difference between dry and wet adhesives and when to use each so that your embellishments and photos adhere to your page and LAST!
Plus you'll also discover:
  • How to use adhesive dots to adhere little embellishments so your pages last the test of time!
  • How to make a cute embellishment out of adhesive dots and glitter to give your pages the hand-made touch that store bought embellishments just can't get!
  • How to use Xyron sticker makers to make ANYTHING into a sticker! Think of the money you'll save NEVER buying stickers again
  • How to use wet adhesive to glue small gems
  • and Lots LOTS more!
Free Bonus # 4 -11 Minutes To Organizing Your Scrapping Space! (Value $19.95)
In the 11 Minutes To Organizing Your Scrapping Space video class, the Scrapbooking Coach gives you an insight into how she organizes her stash. Copy her exact set up so you can save time and ensure you use all of your store bought purchases, making it impossible to buy duplicates!
Take a look behind the scenes and see how she stores her stamps, scissors, inks, photos, and so much more!

After watching this video, we guarantee you'll be inspired to organize your messy space into your own organized scrapping haven!

You'll be so inspired to organize your own stash after watching these class.

"These Bonuses Have A Combined Value Of $104.40, But Today, They're Yours At No Additional Cost When You Grab Your Copy Of the Fabulous Flowers Masterclass...."
The Scrapbooking Coach 'Iron-Clad' 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Order The Fabulous Flowers Masterclass, and give it your own personal "test run". Take a full 30 days, and use it as your own. If you aren't completely thrilled with the results... simply let us know why through our email, and I'll rush you a complete refund of every penny.
"...With Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less You'll Add That Special Touch To Your Scrapbook Pages and Cards That Your Friends and Family Will ADORE!"
Without a doubt, Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less is valued at $99, but because it's our opening special you can snap up your copy for the limited time price of just $19.95.
And yes, when you order today you get all the bonuses (total value $104.40) listed above totally FREE.

But you need to act now.

This opening special won't be around for long. At some point in the near future I will increase the price of this product to $47.

So don't delay, if you've read this far then I know that Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less will be an enormous help to you.

A standard flower die from the store can set you back $20. And that's just for one flower!

So if you were to buy different dies to make seven different flowers, you could easily spend $180.

But in Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less, you'll discover how to create 9 uniquely gorgeous flowers for just $14.95!

That's 9 flowers you'll be able to create for the price of one!

Investing in Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less is common sense....think of the money you'll save in the long term!

Imagine creating a beautiful flower from some old unused bits of card stock, and feeling proud of the fact that you've re-purposed something in your stash that you never thought you'd use again!

Think of how AMAZING it'll feel to finally display something on your pages that you created something from scratch.

Imagine how proud you'll feel next time your friends tell you how gorgeous your pages look!

And it'll be all because you to made the wise investment in Fabulous Flowers In 10 Minutes or Less.

Your amazing new scrapbooking journey begins now.

To secure your copy at the opening special price of $19.95 (and all the FREE bonuses valued at $104.40), just click the "add to cart" button below.

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  • 11 Minutes To Organizing (Value – $19.95)
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Be inspired to creatively preserve your most precious memories, now and always,
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