Vacation Layout Ideas!

You are my Sunshine Layout
If you're looking for new vacation scrapbooking layout ideas, then today you'll love the layout we're creating. It's perfect if you're looking for a one photo layout and you'd like to create a beautiful vacation style page!
Things You Need

3D Foam Tape
Black card
Fiskars Treading Water Border Punch
Martha Stewart Trellis Deep Edge Punch
Martha Stewart Doily Border Punch
Scrap of clear acetate plastic
Bo Bunny Prairie Chic – Corral Paper
Lawn Fawn Pink Lemonade – Juice paper
Lawn Fawn Pink Lemonade – Sweet Tea paper
Lawn Fawn Pink Lemonade Elements sheet
Other Patterned Papers

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1. Begin by cutting off the manufacturer strip from the Corral paper. This piece will be the background and everything will be built onto it.
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2. From the black card, cut a strip that measures 5 ½ inches by 11 inches then tear the bottom away. Mark out and cut out 6 squares to form the windows, just above the torn edge.
3. Turn the black strip over and adhere a scrap of clear acetate over the cut out area. I used an old piece of packaging for mine as it does the same job and I don't have to spend any extra money. While on the back, attach foam pop squares around the windows and up across the card to elevate it when its turned over.
4. Place a coloured button into each of the window frames then cut out and adhere a piece of the green patterned paper over the window area. Turn over and adhere the photo to the top section of the black card.
5. Using the same green patterned paper, cut out a piece measuring 6 inches by 6 inches and use the Doily border punch along one edge. Adhere this under the bottom section of the black card layers, as seen in the photo.
6. Cut a strip of floral patterned paper that measures 6 inches wide by 12 inches long. Use the Treading Water border punch and punch a border along the long left edge then adhere it to the page as seen in the photo.
7. Select a coordinating patterned paper and cut a strip that measures 12 inches by 4 inches. Punch a border along the right edge using the Trellis Deep Edger Punch then adhere alongside the right edge of the last piece of patterned paper.
8. Cut a strip of Sweet Tea Patterned paper that measures 12 inches by 3 inches and punch along the right edge using Doily Border punch. Adhere this to the page, lining it up over the top of the last piece so that the punched edge sits next to where the other punched edge lies.
9. Cut a fine strip of patterned paper that is roughly ¼ inch wide by 12 inches and attach it alongside the Doily punched edge.
10. Centre the black card piece over the centre of the patterned paper strips and adhere. Now for the fun stuff!
11. From the Lawn Fawn Elements Sticker sheet, add the green scalloped border to the base of the black torn edge and the 'You are my Sunshine' banner to the centre of the square windows.
12. On the bottom right corner layer three of the labels from the Elements sticker sheet. This is where the journaling is going to go.

13. Finally, to keep the whole page balanced, add a row of coloured buttons to the top left corner of the page. This will help to create a visual triangle, a design feature used to create effective layouts. To create these 'sewn on' look buttons, thread a piece of twine through the buttonholes then tie either a know or a bow and adhere to the page.
About the author

Sharon Jeffs has been scrapbooking and cardmaking for over ten years. She's been published several times and currently works on a design team for Frantic Stamper.

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