7 FAST Ways to Create Special Effects with Sandpaper

Adding texture to your scrapbook layouts can give your layouts a very different appeal. One way of adding texture is with the use of sandpaper!

Whether you're using sandpaper to change the texture of other materials, or you're adding sandpaper directly to your layout, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few fun techniques to try with your layouts!

# 1 – Vintage appearance.

Use a grey, dark green or brown card stock for the background of your layout. Frame your photos with embossed paper. Lightly sand the embossed paper with a light-grit sandpaper. By sanding the paper, it will give the frames a vintage look.

# 2 – Stamp on sandpaper.

Instead of using a stamp on regular paper or card stock, try stamping on sandpaper! Choose a fine grit sandpaper, cut a piece that is a little bigger than the stamp, and then stamp it.

Adhere the sandpaper to your layout and trace the edge of the sandpaper with a dark marker. Permanent markers can be used to color in the stamped image.

# 3 – Create a denim look.

Making a layout for a teenager? Create a denim background. Begin with two-tone blue card stock. Using the dark blue side, rub the sandpaper onto the card stock in a circular motion until it has a denim appearance. Now you're ready to add photos, journaling and a few embellishments.

# 4 – Aged lettering.

If you're going to use colored die-cut letters, you can age the letters with the use of an emery board. Using the emery board at a slant, rub along the outer edge of each letter until the edges turn white. Aged lettering is the perfect accent for layouts of family reunions, genealogy or childhood memories.

# 5 – Weathered look for journaling.

Cut a piece of card stock into a rectangular shape to be used as the background for your journaling section. Use a light-grit sandpaper to add texture to the card stock. Use different motions as you rub the paper, to create an interesting weathered look. Card stock usually has a white inner, so as you rub sandpaper on it, some of the white will appear. Glue a piece of paper onto the card stock, leaving a quarter inch border.

# 6 – Reduce shininess.

Sometimes adding stickers to a layout is a distraction. The layout might have a vintage look, but once you put a couple of shiny stickers on the layout, it just doesn't look right. Lightly rub the stickers with a piece of sandpaper to give them a worn look.

# 7 – Distress your photos.

It's not always necessary to frame your photos for a layout. Try distressing your photos by sanding the edges. It will create an interesting border.
Sandpaper is a great tool to keep with your scrapbook supplies and tools. It will come in handy for a lot of your layouts. Store sandpaper and emery boards in a ziplock bag to avoid accidentally scratching items that you don't want to scratch.

So there you have it! Seven ways of scrapbooking with sandpaper.
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