5 New Ways To Matte A Photo On Your Scrapbook Pages

Want to take your scrapbook layouts to a whole new level? Just by adding some special attention to your photo mats, you can add an inspiring element to your layouts. In this blog post we'll show you how to matte a photo on your scrapbook pages!

1. Dimensional matting.

Quite often we make photo mats out of cardstock and call it good enough. However, by adding just one or two embellishments, you can create exquisite photo mats. For example:
Layer mats. When you look at a framed photo, often the photo is matted with a neutral border and then the frame is in a dark color. Use the same concept for your scrapbook photos. Use a light color cardstock to mat a photo and then a darker color of cardstock to create an outside border.

Twine or thin ribbon. Once you mat a photo with cardstock, add a borer to the inside and outside edge of the cardstock with twine or ribbon. This adds a fun touch to your photos.

Embellishments. Add decorative tacks to the corners of your mats, overlap part of a mat with a silk flower, randomly glue sequins or buttons onto a mat...when it comes to embellishing your photo mats, the sky's the limit!
Photo corners. Often photo corners are used in place of a mat. However, you can mat a photo and then place two photo corners inside two diagonal corners of the mat. This will add depth to your photo.
matte a photo
An example of a "layered" matte.

2. Stitching matting.

Incorporating stitching in scrapbooking layouts is very trendy! Whether you stitch by hand or machine, create a fun stitch on strips of cardstock to create beautiful photo mats.

If stitching by hand, create a design on the strips, such as flowers, polka dots or a person's name.

3. Travel themed matting.

One of the most popular scrapbooking themes is vacation. To add a special touch to your traveling photos, make photo mats that have a travel theme.

Here are some ideas:

Map. Use an actual map to create a border for your photos. Make a quarter inch or half inch mat for each photo out of the map. If you have a souvenir type map, cut out flaps for two or three photos of places on the map that you visited. Adhere photos to the background and then adhere the map onto the page. As you open each flap, it will reveal a photo.

Postage stamps. Whether you use foreign stamps from an overseas trip or a variety of regular stamps, glue stamps onto a cardstock mat. Overlap stamps to fill the entire space and cover with Mod Podge if you desire.

Post cards. Because post cards are already made out of heavy paper, they make excellent mats. Carefully cut out a portion of the postcard and tape your photo underneath. You don't necessarily have to use the center of the postcard. For example, if the left side of the postcard contains the name of a village that you visited, then use the right side to frame your photo.

Envelopes. Many pre-stamped envelopes come with a striped trim. The United States has white envelopes with a red, white and blue trim. Use the trims of the envelopes to create photo mats.

4. Textured matting.

Look around your home for materials that have an interesting feel to them and use them for photo mats.

For example:

Fabric. Use up your fabric scraps by turning them into photo mats. For added fun, use a pattern fabric for the top and bottom of a mat, and a solid fabric for the left and right side of the mat.

Cork. Cork is lightweight and provides fun texture to a scrapbook layout. Use decorative tacks to give the appearance of tacking the photo onto the mat.

Foil. Love the look of metallic? Foil is a great way to draw attention to your photos. Wrap the foil around a cardstock mat.

Embossed paper. Whether it's paper found in one of the scrapbooking supply aisles, or a wallpaper sample, embossed paper will add elegance to your photos. Use a quarter or half inch thickness.

5. Misc. theme matting.

As you get ready to mat a photo, study it and decide if there's a theme that you can pull from the photo. Use that theme to create a photo mat.

Here are some examples:

Music. Have a photo of your son playing the trumpet? Make a photo mat out of old sheet music or scrapbook paper that has musical notes.

Halloween. Save those candy bar wrappers! Make a hodge podge photo mat from different candy wrappers.

Baby shower. Recycle the gift wrapping paper. Make photo mats out of plain cardstock. Cover the mats with wrapping paper.
Let your photo mats make a statement! The next time you're working on a scrapbook, incorporate these five ideas. People will be "ouuuing" and "ahhhing" over your photos. Also, keep in mind that these ideas work great for handmade greeting cards.

If you'd like more information on how to adhere photos to your pages so they're preserved and not at risk of being damaged, then you might find How To Adhere Photos Correctly helpful!

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