5 Exciting Ways To Give Your Scrapbook Paper A NEW Look!

Do you want to renovate your existing stash of scrapbook paper? One of the fun things about scrapbooking is the freedom to try new ideas and discovering techniques that add special appeal to your scrapbook layouts.

One of the latest scrapbook trends is to create a bit of dimension to the paper used for a layout.

Here are five ways to bring the paper on your layout to life. Ready to have some fun?

1. Create pockets and shutters.

If you're designing a scrapbook layout that won't be kept in plastic, or a mini scrapbook, then the use of pockets and shutters are a clever way to bring your layout to life. A pocket can be made out of cardstock and used to hold a photo, a journal note, or perhaps a special token from a trip.

Build the pocket into the design of your layout, rather than just filling up an empty space. For instance, if you're doing a Halloween layout, the pocket could look as though it's a trick-or-treat bag. For a Christmas layout, design your pockets to look like Christmas packages.

Shutters are a cute way to add an element of surprise to your layout. Just like shutters on a window can open and close, create shutters to be used with a couple of your photos. Viewers will have fun peaking in to see the photos.

2. Add fun with pinwheels.

Adding paper pinwheels to your layout will give a playful feel to the overall look. Pinwheels are constructed from curled paper with a tack through the center. They should be made from scrapbook paper that will complement the colors in the layout. For a flatter appearance, use two colors of paper and make a quilted pinwheel.

Instead of pinwheels, experiment with other shapes, such as stars, fish, flowers, or even squares. Adhere the shapes to your layout with foam tape for added dimension Use some of your shapes to overlap the mat of a photo or journal block. This will help the shapes to pop out, while drawing attention to the photo or journaling.

3. Be creative with weaving.

Weaving can add a special effect to your layout and can be done in a variety of ways. When weaving is done effectively, it enhances the look of a layout without drawing all of the attention onto the weaving. Here are a few examples:
• Weave paper to create a border to be used at the top and bottom of the page. Incorporate the colors that you're using for the photo mats.

• Use different shades of blue and a wavy cut to create ripples in water.

• Weave a background. Use two 12″ sheets of scrapbook paper. Cut one sheet into 1 cm. strips and weave the strips into the other sheet. Add a paper border to the top and bottom to cover up any unevenness.

• Make corner mounts for a layout with a zigzag border.

•Use weaving as the bottom layer for displaying a photo.

• Weave flower petals. After weaving two sheets of paper. Use a petal template and trace petals onto the weaving. Use your sewing machine and sew a border just inside of the tracing. This will help the petals to keep their shape once you cut the petals out.

4. Use crinkle paper.

If you're press for time, or simply want to have a "crinkle" appearance to your paper, you can purchase small rolls of adhesive crinkle paper. Each roll has a crinkle look to it which adds a fun dimension to a layout. You can also purchase matching twine, cord and paper tape.

Whether you use the paper as a full background, or for a portion of your layout, it's easy to adhere and will look great.

Another quick idea is to use wallpaper. Do you have leftover wallpaper from a project? Does your local wallpaper store give out free samples? Most wallpaper has texture which when used in a scrapbook layout, will bring life to your photos and journaling.

5. Add a torn look.

Instead of using a background that fills the entire page, choose two different backgrounds.

For example, if you're doing a layout of a day at the beach, use a sandy looking background for part of the page and a water pattern background for the other portion. Cut and adhere your sandy background first. Then rip the blue paper to give the effect that the water is washing up onto the sand.

The torn look is also a fun way to add borders to a layout or as the writing section of journal blocks.

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These five ideas are just a small sample of the many techniques that can be used to bring the paper on your layout to life. The important thing to remember is just to have fun and try different ideas. Before you know it, your layouts will be spectacular works of art!

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