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5 Things To Look For When Buying Scrapbook Kits

Scrapbook kits are a fantastic tool to help you turn your precious photos into beautiful layouts. 

They’re convenient because they are delivered to your door, and are a wonderful surprise to get in the post each month.

But not all scrapbook kits are created equal.

In this handy guide we’ll show you the 5 things every kit must have in order for it to be worth your money and time!

Full disclosure - during this guide we’ll be sharing a bit about our own ‘At Home’ kits and why we think they’re the best kits available.

1. Does Your Kit Include A Good Range Of Art Supplies?

For a kit to be truly useful, it has to have a range of supplies. Not just a few sheets of paper and some stickers.

Buying ‘cheaper’ kits that only have a couple of supplies in them could mean you’ll have to make additional trips to the store to ‘top up’. And that’s when it gets expensive!

A good kit will give you a nice range of paper, inks, alphabet stickers and embellishments. In other words, all the things you need to create layouts.

scrapbooking designer paper decor

Beware: of kit programs that include the bare basics, then encourage you to upgradeyour kit for an additional fee. This can seem appealing at first, but it all adds up in the long run!

2. Is Your Kit Themed Or Styled?

Some kit clubs send out themed kits. So month 1 it might be an under the sea theme, the next month might be a ‘sports theme’ then a camping theme.

The only problem with themes is that each month, you are locked down to creating one particular type of layout. I don’t know about you but we’ve been camping a few times, but not enough times to be able to create 12 layouts. This is why we prefer ‘styled’ kits.

This is where the materials of the kits are hand picked to work together. Everything from the papers to the ink all coordinates perfectly to make things easier for you.

In our ‘At Home’ kits for example, our CEO Anna Lyons search and hand picks all the supplies for each kit. She carefully makes sure absolutely everything in the kit matches and coordinates perfectly.

scrapbook and card making project ideas

This way the kits are styled to leave lots of room for your creativity and not locked down to any particular theme.

Click Here To Learn More About 'At Home" Kits

3. Does Your Kit Have An Assembly Guide?

Getting scrapbook supplies delivered to your door is fantastic, but the supplies are only half of it - you need ideas on how to use them.

That’s why we recommend only using a diy scrapbook kit that has lots of ideas on what you can create.

This is why in our ‘At Home’ kits we include a design guide in every single kit. Inside each design guide we show you 8 example layouts that you can create from the supplies.

But that’s not all - along with the design guide, we also include detailed video classes each month that show you exactly how to create these example layouts!

big ideas for die cutting template and stamping

4. Does Your Scrapbooking Kits Use Old Stock?

If you’ve ever used store-delivered groceries before, you’ll know that sometimes some of the fresh produce isn’t so fresh :(

This is because supermarkets sometimes include fruit and vegetables that, how do I put this nicely, they haven’t been able to sell in store.

Occasionally we see kit clubs that include old, outdated stock.

This is a rather sneaky way for big retailers to get rid of old stock that doesn’t sell particularly well on the shelves.

The problem is - if it doesn’t sell well on the shelves, there’s a reason for that. The designs are likely poor and just don’t look good.

So make sure the kit you have only contains new stock that hasn’t been on display before.

5. Is There An Included Community To Support You?

Being able to access a community of like minded scrapbookers is super important when you join a kit club. These are great places to cheer each other on and encourage one another.

Our private Facebook group for our ‘At Home’ kits is a wonderful tight knit community of a lovely mix of beginner and experienced scrapbookers.

Our CEO Anna Lyons is posting in the group every day, supporting our kit club members and helping them with layout ideas and inspiration.

scrapbooking paper crafts community

Having access to a positive community like this when you’re scrapbooking is the perfect way to bring your scrapbook kits to life!

As well as our private Facebook Group for kit club members, we also have old fashioned phone based customer service. So if you need to talk to us or have questions about your kit - you can call us or we can call you!

And in this modern ‘George Jetson’ style world, sometimes it’s really good to know there’s a caring, helpful voice on the other end of the phone line if you need it!

Find Out More About Our Scrapbooking Coach ‘At Home’ Kits!

Each month we open up a set amount of spaces for people to join our kit club. You can find out more by clicking here and visiting our site.


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