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How To Use Scrapbook Patterns For Your Layouts

patterned layouts

Using patterns in your scrapbooking is a really great way to level up your layouts. But what exactly are scrapbook patterns?

What are scrapbook patterns?

Scrapbook patterns are any kind of repeating element that you include in your scrapbooking layout. This could be printed on the cardstock or paper itself (patterned paper), made with multiple different plain colored papers, created with washi tape, stamps, hand-drawn or even stenciled.

scrapbook page pattern embellishments

I'm going to share my scrapbook tips for using patterns, I'll show you different ways you can incorporate patterns in your own layouts, and explain how to choose colors and patterns that go well together.

1. Cardstock and paper scrapbook patterns

Using cardstock and paper is probably the most obvious way to create scrapbook patterns. To start with, there are two simple ways you can do this. You can purchase patterned paper and just use it as is, or you can mix it up and combine multiple patterns and/or plain cardstock, essentially making a pattern of patterned paper.

2. Using your patterned paper as is

The easiest way to get started with using patterns in your scrapbooking layout is to purchase patterned paper with recurring imagery and just use it as is as your base. There are so many beautiful prints out there on the market and the hardest part is choosing which one to use.

patterned scrapbook paper

3. Mix your patterns up

Although not the easiest way to create scrapbook patterns but certainly the most effective, mixing your patterns up can look just divine when you get it right.

a. But, how do I get it right?

There are four major tips to follow that will ensure your scrapbook patterns go well together and don't look too busy on the page.

The first tip is to choose a dominant color from your photograph and make sure that color is repeated in the cardstock that you choose. You can see in the photograph below that my photograph has a few pops of red color in it so I have chosen scrapbook patterns with pops of red in them.

patterned scrapbook memories
Mix and match different pattern combinations to see what looks good together.

The second tip is to be aware of how busy the different designs look when together. Ensure you choose a mixture of both busy patterns and patterns with more breathing room. This allows the eye to flow over the page and ensures it doesn't look cluttered or messy. A trick to breaking up the patterned pieces is to choose one plain colored piece and include it in your pattern.

Patterned scrapbook supplies

The third tip is not to go overboard with too many different patterns. I would say two to four is a good number to keep your page uncluttered.

The fourth and final tip is to buy a themed cardstock stack as most stacks are designed to go together, making it really easy to select a few different pieces that will go really well together.

Themed scrapbook cardstocks

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Okay, Okay, just show me some examples already so I can get to it!

Below are five ways that you can incorporate scrapbooking patterns into your layouts. Although a little time-consuming as you need to cut multiple pieces of paper out, it's not too difficult and totally worth the time spent for a scrapbooking layout you can be proud of.

1. Make a mosaic style pattern with a mix of patterned and plain paper

You can see in the example below that I have chosen four patterned pieces and one plain color for the background that ties in with the red pops in the photograph.

scrapbook page pattern ideas

2. Use a simple but effective strip pattern

You can see in the example below that I have created a simple stripe pattern using a mix of patterned paper. Leaving space between the strips for the plain red colored background allows it to breathe a little and unclutters the design a little.

themed scrapbook strip pattern ideas

3. Use Washi Tape to make a pattern

In the example below, you can see I have used washi tape strips dangling down from the top of the page in a recurring pattern.

washi tape scrapbook layout ideas
Patterned elements on a plain background work well together!

a. Choosing colors and patterns for your washi tape

Selecting colors for your washi tape scrapbook patterns is exactly the same as for your cardstock and paper. Choose colors that complement your photos and ensure you have a mix of both busy and spacious patterns, throwing in a few solid colors if you need to break up the pattern a little.

scrapbook washi tape
You can create amazing patterned embellishments using washi tapes!

4. Create some hand-drawn patterns

Oh... hand-drawn patterns are such a nice touch to your scrapbooking layouts. However, don't be put off if you don't consider yourself an artist as the drawings can be really simple. You can see in the example below that I have created a really childish background in a simple color scheme for my school-themed scrapbook pattern.

diy scrapbook pattern ideas
Add a personalized touch to your layout by creating some hand-drawn patterns.

a. Choosing a color scheme for your hand-drawn scrapbook pattern

Again, this is exactly the same as for your cardstock and washi tape, just choose a simple color scheme that features in your photograph.

Need More Advanced Layouts? Click Here!

5. Stamped patterns

Stamped scrapbook patterns are really easy to do! Basically, you just choose one or two favorite stamps that go with your layout theme and repeat the image over and over again. You could cover the whole background with the same recurring design, or you could even make a few pieces of custom patterned paper and mix and match them how you choose.

You can see in the example below I have created strips of a repeated donut pattern. This was created by laying down some low-tack tape, stamping over the top, and then removing the tape.

creating scrapbook stamp background pattern
Tip - florals work really well as stamped scrapbook pattern backgrounds!

a. Use your stencils to make patterns

Stencil patterns work exactly the same way as stamped patterns except you ... well, stencil them on.

So are you up for the challenge of scrapbook patterns?

Now that you're in the know-how, are you ready to incorporate some scrapbook patterns into your layouts? We would love to see your take on some of these ideas or alternatively, any other beautiful patterns ideas you have come up with.

Happy scrapping!


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