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Creative Halloween Scrapbook Titles

Scrapbooking Halloween photographs is always a lot of fun but coming up with a different Halloween Scrapbook title for every page can be a little frustrating when you're out of ideas.

Thankfully, after much trial and error, I seem to have this process sorted and it no longer frustrates me. Keep reading as I'm going to share my techniques with you! 👻

How to choose your Halloween scrapbook titles

Choosing scrapbook titles has always been something I have struggled with and when it comes to Halloween, I could personally only come up with two or three before I ran out of usable ideas.

The easiest way to choose a great Halloween scrapbook title is to start with the book 10,000 Instant Scrapbook Page Titles. This book has a section dedicated to Halloween and with 12 pages devoted entirely to this theme, there is no way you can be stuck for ideas.

So basically, I choose the photograph/s that I want to showcase and then I open the book and start to skim read the relevant section, in this case, the Halloween section. It usually takes less than thirty seconds for a title to jump out at me that I think would suit my photograph. The titles are listed alphabetically which makes it really easy to skim through.

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How to create your Halloween scrapbook titles

I'm going to show you ten ideas for creating scrapbook titles suitable for Halloween. I have chosen to create them as DIY printables using PicMonkey however, Canva is also a popular program choice.

Both of these are easy to use and have loads of themed clip-art that you can use in your DIY scrapbooking creations.

I find that using a DIY printable looks neater and more professional than when I use my own handwriting. I create them on the computer, print them out onto some thick paper, and then cut them out to use on my scrapbooking page.

Of course, if you're not comfortable with using the computer, these ideas can also be made with stamps, letter stickers, and cute Halloween pictures, etc.

So regardless of whether you choose to create your titles as DIY printables or make them from scratch, here are ten creative ways to make your Halloween scrapbook titles.... which by the way, have all been sourced from the book I mentioned earlier.

#1 - Swap a letter for a Halloween character

Swapping a letter in your Halloween scrapbook titles for Halloween characters is a great way to add interest to your wording. You can see in the example below that I simply swapped out the letter "I" in the phrase "A Little Batty" for an actual silhouette of a bat.

batty halloween themed scrapbook title

#2 - Don't be afraid to use single word titles

Titles don't have to be lengthy and in fact, a lot of the time it's more interesting if they aren't. You can see from the example below that I have created a simple single-word title using the word "Boo".

Now when you combine this title with your Halloween photograph and other graphics, it really starts to come together. This is much more interesting than writing something like ''Halloween, Oklahoma 2021".

boo halloween themed scrapbook title

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#3 - Describe what's happening in your photograph

When you are scrapbooking a few different pages of the same subject, it can be great to use your title to explain or describe what's happening in the photograph at that moment in time.

In the title below, I have used the words "Costume Parade" to explain my photograph, which is of my kids and their friends all lined up to show off their spooky costumes before heading out to collect candy.

Halloween costume parade scrapbook title

#4 - Use a sound or noise that's not actually a word

Using a sound or noise that's not actually a word, but is written out as you would hear or say it, is a great way to create Halloween scrapbook titles. You can see in the example below I have created a title that simply says, "EEEEEEK". Now, this title will work perfectly for a photograph featuring scary costumes!

bad witch hat scrapbook title

#5 - Halloween doesn't have to be scary

Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that Halloween is about scary costumes and candy, but really, there is a lot more going on than just that and much of it is not actually scary. Hayrides and Pumpkin Pie sums up some of the wonderful "not scary'' things about Halloween and makes for a great Halloween scrapbook title.

great pumpkin in the patch scrapbook title

#6 - Make it personal

Make it personal with titles that begin with "Mommy's little ...", or "Daddy's scary ...", or "Grandmas cutest ....", and so on. This is a cute way to add a personal touch to your Halloween scrapbooking titles and also lets the person in the photograph know for years to come how much you care.

jack o lantern scrapbook title

#7 - Use a popular phrase associated with Halloween

There is nothing wrong with using popular or generic phrases for your scrapbooking titles. In the example below I have used the words "Trick or Treat" and as that this phrase is so well known, it's really obvious that the scrapbooking page is about Halloween without actually using the word Halloween.

trick or treat scrapbook title

#8 - Misspell words on purpose

Misspelling words on purpose is a fun way to add interest to your Halloween scrapbook titles. I have swapped out the word "beautiful" and gave it a Halloween twist by purposely spelling it incorrectly .... "BOOtiful". Of course, It's not going to pass a spelling exam but it's a cute play on words that's just perfect for Halloween.

boo tiful scrapbook title

#9 - Use words that were actually spoken

You really can't go wrong with a scrapbook title by using words that were actually spoken at that point in time. Particularly when it comes to things that kids say!

Although I sourced the phrase, "Yum Yum Give Me Some", from the book mentioned at the beginning of this article, I was reminded of a time when my son was much younger and was chanting this exact phrase as he toddled around the house pretending to be a monster. If only he would say this about vegetables!

little monster mash scrapbook title

#10 - Create a group name for the people in your photograph

When you have a photograph that features a family or a bunch of friends, it can be fun to create and use a ''group name'' for your Halloween scrapbook titles. You can see in the image below I have created a title called, "The Boo Crew". However, you could also use something like "The Candy Bandits", or even "Ghost Busters".

crew boo scaredy cat scrapbook title

So there we have it, ten ways to create Halloween scrapbook titles. What do you think? Will you use any of them? We would absolutely love to see some of your creative Halloween titles. Feel free to share them with us.

Happy Scrapping!


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