I Tried This 525 Scrapbook Sketches Book Every Day, For a Week, and Here's What Happened...

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I tried out the 525 Sketches book that's supposed to help you create finish pages in less time and here's what happened....

It was crop night and I had a pile of photos I was determined to scrap.

If you've ever been super excited to start a scrapbooking session before, then you probably know how this story goes...

An hour into the crop I was ready to quit. I'd pushed a bunch of stuff around on a page and nothing looked right.

I couldn't take it anymore. Especially when I looked around the room, and everyone else looked like they knew exactly what they were doing.

I leaned back in my chair and let out a sigh.

I turned to my friend Donna and uttered the words, no scrapbooker ever wants to say:

"I have NO ideas. None!"

As much as I hated saying those words, I'm glad I did. Because what Donna shared me with next literally changed the way I do scrapbooking.

Donna began telling me about a book called 525 Sketches. It's a book of layout ideas. She'd seen an ad for it on Facebook and decided to give it a try and loved it! (In fact her exact words were "It's a life saver!")

If you're wondering what this book is, it's got layout templates inside. They show you where to put your photos, embellishments and title.

On their site - Scrapbooking Coach say these sketches will help you create MORE pages in LESS time.

But of course, I was skeptical. Would I like these sketches? Would they be too basic? Is this book any good?

I mean who hasn't been burnt before. Especially when buying online right?

But Donna insisted that I try them out. So she lent me her book for 10 minutes to flick through.

It only took me a couple minutes to find a sketch that I LOVED. I used it to create a page right then and there. And, it only took me about 22 minutes from start to finish. A definite improvement on how long it can normally take (up to a couple hours!!!)

Donna asked for the sketches book back, and insisted I get a copy for myself.

That night I jumped online and looked at the Scrapbooking Coach site and page on Facebook. 86,000 fans on their Facebook page, and raving reviews on their site.

From all the happy customers and their 30 day money back guarantee they offer if you don't love their products, I figured "What do I have to lose?" and so I ordered a copy of this book.

A few days later and the book arrived!

I took one look inside and all I can say is....WOW....

As soon as I had some time to scrap, I sat down and flicked through the book.

Now I'd already had a taste of the book when Donna lent it to me for 10 minutes (before she tore it out of my hands after 10 minutes :-))

But now I had the time to enjoy it. Taking in all the amazing ideas in my own time.

The first thing that struck me is how they organized it. They've sorted the chapters by the amount of photos you want to scrap.

Which in my opinion is really helpful. Because when I create a page, the first thing I do is decide how many photos I want to put on the page.

After about 10 minutes I found the sketch I wanted to create.

Once I got my embellishments out and selected my card stock, I started!

And sure enough - it certainly made scrapbooking easier.

I just copied what I saw on the sketch, and like magic it worked! I could see a beautiful page taking shape!!!

So, does this book really help? You bet it does....

As a scrapper, and a woman, when you find something in life that just makes things so much easier, you want to share it so it can help others too! I am so happy with my 525 Scrapbook Sketches book that I want to share it with you too!

What is 525 Scrapbook Sketches?

525 New and Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches is a hard copy book that is packed full of hundreds of layout ideas to help inspire you!

Published by the team at Scrapbooking Coach to help you create MORE pages in LESS time, over 20,000 scrappers worldwide have bought this book to keep them inspired!

How Does It Work?

A scrapbook sketch is like a house plan. It shows you what to put where. This saves you lots of time because trying to think of layout ideas is what takes sooooo long.

According to Scrapbooking Coach, their sketches have all been designed to turn into gorgeous looking finished pages.

Just copy the ideas on the sketches and you'll not only find you're able to create more pages in less time, but the pages you do create will always look amazing!

How Easy Is 525 Sketches Book To Use?

Very easy. Just flick through it (yes - it's a real, physical book!) until you see a sketch you like.

Then just follow where the sketch tells you to put your photos, embellishments and title.

It's that easy.

Using 525 Sketches means you don't have to:

Waste time

Rack your brain for ideas

Get frustrated instead of getting creative

A Few Other Things I Love About 525 Sketches Book:

The sketches can be tweaked as you want so you can always come up with something unique.

All and I mean ALL of the sketches look beautiful.

The chapters are sorted by sketches that have a certain amount of photos. So you can find the perfect sketch for you really, really, fast!

How Much is 525 Scrapbooking Sketches Book?

Right now 525 Sketches is $29.90 plus shipping & handling.

It only took a few days for me to get my book once I ordered.

I never want to be stuck with scrappers block again. And now I won't be!

I've always felt that it was my role to preserve our families memories for future generations. But I always struggled to feel like I was making progress on my photos.

That's not an issue anymore.

And before Donna showed me this book, I just had good and bad days scrapbooking. But now, every day isn't just a good day, it's a great day.

I finish my scrapbooking time feeling like I've achieved something and very satisfied. I'm proud to show my pages to family and friends.

The weird thing is - since using these sketches, I could swear I've become more creative. Because when I look at a sketch, I automatically think about how I can tweak the ideas to make them more my own.

525 Sketches book is an absolute worth while investment. And with the 30 day 100% money back guarantee they're offering - if you don't love the book - then return it and you'll get your money back!

So there's no reason not to order right now!

Order your copy of 525 Scrapbooking Sketches and "I've got no layout ideas", will never be something you'll hear yourself say again!

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