525 Double Page Scrapbooking Sketches
Volume 3 (eBook)
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525 New and Exciting Double Page Sketches, Volume 3
 is the follow-up book to our
best selling 525 Scrapbooking Sketches (Volume 1 & 2).

In volume 3 there's another new 525 sketches, but this time all the layout ideas are double-page sketches!

As with the first book, inside volume 3, there are 180+ pages of stunning double-page sketches for every kind of layout imaginable.

$19.90 Regular $27.97 (30% OFF)
And the best part? All the double-page sketches are sorted by theme!

Anniversary, beach, birthday, Christmas, Easter, family and so much more!

Whatever the occasion, we've got you covered with our exciting double-page ideas!

As with all our sketches, inside our double page sketches book, each sketch shows where to put your photos, embellishments, and title.

Simply replicate the sketches on a page and your layouts are guaranteed to look gorgeous!

Once you start using 525 New And Exciting Double Page Scrapbooking Sketches, scrappers block will be a thing of the past!

  • Our 525 New and Exciting  Scrapbooking Sketches EBOOK!
  • Hundreds of New and EXCITING sketches to help you create MORE pages in LESS time!
  • An entire book devoted to stunning and exciting double-page sketches!
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$19.90 Regular $27.97 (30% OFF)
Instant download after purchase!
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♥ Praises for our best-selling Volume 1 & 2 Scrapbooking Sketches ♥

"I can't wait to start creating my own pages inspired by these beautiful sketches. This e-Book is THE PERFECT TOOL for me! And ideas for using my own photos and papers jumped off the pages as I looked through the sketches. I am SOOOOO INSPIRED ALREADY! Thank you for a tool that will definitely become part of my scrapbooking toolkit!"

Kylie P, Adelaide, Australia


I was overwhelmed with 1000s of photos that were just sitting in boxes. Now (with 525 New Scrapbooking Sketches) I have HUNDREDS of sketches at my fingertips for INSPIRATION and guidance!

Katrina Lansing, NY


The second I opened your '525 New & Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches' eBook, I KNEW it was going to help me create pages in less time. Now I've got INSTANT INSPIRATION. I can even tweak the sketches to include some of my own ideas.  Thanks, Anna!

Sue, B. Vancouver, Canada


You know when you have so many pictures, and you sit down to do something with them, but you just can't think? Overwhelmed! What you want is someone to show you what to do! This eBook GIVES YOU GREAT IDEAS, and pretty much lays out your pages for you! I particularly LOVE THE TWO-PAGE SPREADS and find that there are matching "additional" layouts so you can continue your theme. This REALLY TAKES THE STRESS OUT and gives you more time for having fun!

Kim, P. Embrun, Ontario, Canada

Anna – OMG, I have just briefly glanced through 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches and can see all kinds of wonderful pages to do from these layout ideas! Makes me want to take off work right now and go home and scrap!"

Kellie, S. Oklahoma

$19.90 Regular $27.97 (30% OFF)
Instant download after purchase!