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"Discover How To Break Free From Your Creative Rut With These 4 Amazingly Gorgeous Scrapbook Techniques That You Can Apply To ANY Page You're Working On Right Now... With Immediate, Incredible Results!"

Tue 25th April 2017

From The Desk Of Anna Lyons (Scrapbooking

Dear Scrapbooker,

If you’ve always dreamed of creating stunning scrapbook layouts easily and quickly, then this will be the most exciting message you’ll ever read.

If you're like me then you scrapbook because you love to tell a story. Because you love to celebrate life through your beautiful creations.

Scrapbooking enriches life, it allows us to make declarations of love, see the amazement within the ordinary and become wiser and insightful when looking back at past events.

We use our creativity in our scrapbooks to truly bring our memories back to life, and one of my favorite quotes that talks about creativity is from American author and poet Maya Angelou…

“You Can’t Use Up Creativity, The More You Use, The More You Have…”

But one of the most difficult things is being creative.

Do you have those moments when you sit down to create only to stare into the distance not sure of what to do next?

Relax. This happens to even the most advanced scrapbookers….

"But A While Back...A Fellow Scrapbooker Told Me A Simple Secret That Changed The Course Of My Scrapbooking FOREVER & Unleashed A Flood Of Creative Ideas Within Me...."

…But before I tell you what happened, I want you to know that when I started scrapbooking I knew how to make a basic layout but I yearned to create true beauty on my pages.

So I’d flick through all the magazines asking myself how come people could create these amazingly beautiful layouts and not me?

Until one day I met a lady who helped me understand.

She was a scrapping veteran (she’d been scrapbooking for 20 years) and told me what my layouts were missing…

“You’re layouts are good”, she said. “But what they lack is good creative technique”.

Bang! It hit me right between the eyes. On one hand I was a bit insulted, but on the other I knew she was right.

So I spent the next 8 months researching and learning ton’s of different scrapbooking techniques. And when I started applying these techniques to my own pages I saw a complete transformation.

I was able to inject more emotion and creativity into my layouts than ever before. And any embarrassment that I had about showing off my designs simply VANISHED!

Now, I’m TRULY able to express myself and my story in my layouts and re-live my most precious memories over and over again, or share it with others who can do the same using these stunning scrapbooking techniques I’ve discovered.

And it’s these techniques that I want to share with YOU!

“Introducing Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks!"

Totally Refreshed Classes With Brand New Techniques As Of October 2016!!

Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks is a complete online video training course that reveals 4 key techniques that can transform your layouts.

Apply them to ANY page you’re creating and see some amazing results.

Inside you’ll discover these 4 head-turning scrapbooking techniques!

fade-leftfade-right1. Stunning Vintage Scrapbooking Techniques

In this 40 minute class you’ll discover how to create that GORGEOUS vintage look using a combination of inks, stamps and embossing tricks.

Your Scrapbooking Coach will show you how to take an ordinary piece of card stock (you can use whatever you like) and transform it into a be-spoke vintage looking tag that looks as though its from a bygone era!

Once you discover these simple distressing techniques you'll be able to use them on your pages, embellishments and even card making!

Also in this class, we'll show you step-by-step how to emboss onto chipboard using the embossing powder for a breathtakingly beautiful effect that is completely unique.

*WARNING* This technique is so highly addictive that you’ll want to do it on ALL of your layouts (it makes ANYTHING look 10 x more beautiful)

fade-leftfade-right2. Paper Weaving Techniques For Instant Dimension!

In this 30-minute class you’ll discover how to use the paper weaving technique to create a an effect that works wonders on scrapbook layouts, cards and so much more!

Weave some paper in with some fibres, ribbons and lace!

We'll show you how to easily put the adhesive on the backing, stitch on the outer edge of the tag and gives a nice decorative look.

This simple method acts as a platform for your pictures and can be applied to any layout to give it extra dimension and to make your layouts literally “leap off” the page!

After watching this video you’ll have the confidence and the know how to try it for yourself.

Absolutely no stone is left unturned in this training as we even cover what paper works best, and how and when to use it for maximum impact.

fade-leftfade-right3. Beautiful Ribbon Tag And Stitching Techniques!

In this 13-minute training video, discover how to die cut and create a stunning ribbon tag that will look great on any layout.We’ll also explain the best way to sew and stitch on your layouts to give them a more “homely “feel.

See exactly what you need to get started and discover how to avoid the simple mistakes most people make that can ruin both of these effects completely.

Follow on as it’s being done in front of your very eyes and then use it for maximum impact on your own pages.

fade-leftfade-right4. Glitter Techniques To Give You Maximum Dazzle!

In this 18 minute video we'll show you a few cool ways to use glitter on your scrapbook pages (or cards) to create a beautiful shimmering effect!

Discover the secrets of using glimmer to enhance the look of your pages and to make them really "pop"!

“So In Case You’re Wondering, Here’s What This No Nonsense Scrapbooking Training Will Do For You…”

  • Instantly obliterate the creative barrier that’s been crippling your layouts…leaving you to create gorgeous layout that will have your friends asking, “how did she do that?”
  • Help you unlock a TON of new and FRESH ideas using these 4 foundational scrapbooking techniques (apply them to ANY layout for an astonishing “lift”…
  • Guide you through exactly what you need to do, and how to do it, step-by-step so you can start creating as soon as you’ve finished watching the training
  • Inspire you to go back and renovate your old layouts / pages to add even MORE Beauty…
  • and much MUCH more!

“And To Make Sure You’ll LOVE The Totally Refreshed Training Inside Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks I Want To Give You Three Fantastic Scrapbooking Bonuses For FREE…”

Free Bonus #1 - How To Scrapbook Your Trip - Value $29.95

Taking a trip with your family is a time for bonding, a special time to relax in each others company and explore somewhere new (or maybe somewhere old :)) In this BONUS video training you’ll discover the best way to scrapbook your family trip so you can go back in time, unearth those precious family photos and create scrapbooks all the way back to your very first family getaway!

Follow along as we create a beautiful layout, then apply the same principles to your own layout to preserve those previous family memories forever!

FREE Bonus # 2 -How To Scrapbook Your Family Memories Video - Value $29.95

Whether it’s birthdays, weddings, graduations or special events it’s important to preserve all of these heart-shining moments in their own monumental layouts.

In this BONUS training you’ll discover how to do that with some insightful tips and tricks along the way to ensure you have a GORGEOUS result whilst creating layouts that evoke emotion and bring your precious memories to life!

FREE Bonus # 3 - Be A Scrapbooking Pro Ebook – Value $19.95

In this comprehensive ebook, you’ll discover the secrets to creating scrapbooks like the pros! Discover how to create and use your own kool aid dye, pop up windows, how to dry-brush, rubber stamping and much much more!

There’s plenty of much-needed advice in this ebook that will sharpen your creative output and give you a heap of new ideas that will instantly add more beauty to your pages!

And this ebook is a FREE bonus when your purchase Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks!

FREE Bonus # 4 – How To Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business Ebook – Value $49.95

In this 40+ page ebook you’ll discover how you can set up your own scrapbooking business and watch the money roll in whilst you turn your hobby into a part time or even full time job!

Just imagine being able to wake when you want, work from home and support your family with scrapbooking.

You can earn up to $100 an hour scrapbooking for others. Or even a couple of thousand dollars when someone hires you to scrapbook their wedding photos.Everything you need to know about turning your scrapbooking hobby into a thriving business is right here!

Normally valued at $67 this book is yours for FREE today when you purchase Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks.

“When Combined, These Techniques Will Catapult Your Pages From Average To AMAZING and Tap Your Deepest Well Of Creativity For Years To Come….”

So when you get Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks you’ll get two bonus-training videos valued at $29.95 each, plus the Become A Scrapbooking Pro ebook valued at $19.95 and the How To Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business ebook valued at $49.95.

That’s on top of the Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks training that is valued at $97.00. So the total value of that package is $179.75

Now before we go any further, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

What is it going to cost you to learn these gorgeous scrapbooking techniques elsewhere? You could pay for yourself to do a couple of hours in a local scrapbooking class, and not learn much at all. You could go and buy up every scrapbooking magazine out their just trying to learn some new techniques, but walk away even more confused AND $50 worse off.

The fact is, you could easily spend $100 trying to discover how to tap into your creativity to create more beautiful layouts.

Well I love bringing good news, and I’m pleased to say that because we've totally REFRESHED all the training inside Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks I'd like to offer you something very special (keep reading below!)

And not only that – I’m going to give you a 100% LOVE IT or your money back, iron-clad guarantee!

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Order the product, and give it your own personal “test run”. Take a full 30 days, and use it as your own. If you aren’t completely thrilled with the results…for any reason or for no reason at all….simply email me, and I’ll rush you a complete refund of every penny. No questions asked. No hassle. No delay. And….you can KEEP all the training materials as my gift just for giving this product a try!


“Now Hold Up For A Second, I Just Want To Check In With You To Make Sure You Know EVERYTHING About This Top Notch Training….”

Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks is an online video training course. This means that as soon as you click the add to cart button, we’ll send you an email with your training materials – so you can watch it right away on your computer (using the internet).timelesstechniqueecover3Dsmall-01

The fact that these classes are available in digital format, also allows us to keep the price right down, because there is no physical shipping involved, just complete convenience of being able to watch these videos on your computer or iPad anytime, day OR night!

And the training is so easy to follow and replicate that you’ll be putting these techniques to use right away. You won’t be left with any questions or with any confusion about the next steps.

Everything is laid out perfectly clear.

“These Are The Same Techniques You See In The Popular Scrapbook Magazines Like Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbook Creations and Scrapbook Memories…”

But if you try and learn these techniques from the magazines then chances are you’ll only frustrate yourself. Here’s why…

Trying to replicate or learn scrapbooking techniques from a magazine only ever gives you screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-7-32-13-pmhalf the picture.  There’s no narration or guidance, which stuff hard to grasp. Plus, because you’re not ever seeing the full picture you could easily waste a lot of money on supplies because you got the technique wrong.

But in Timeless Techniques To Beautiful Scrapbooks you’ll see the entire process and each single step in between. It’s how we designed it, so you don’t miss a beat. That way, once you’ve worked through the training you will have the confidence to try these techniques on your own layouts with incredible results!

And the great thing is you can watch these training videos over and over, as many times as you like, for a long as you like. Which is so much better than going to a scrapbooking class, watching someone do it once, and then being left to do it on your own!

“…It’s Your Time To Record Your Story In The Most Creative Way Possible, And Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks Helps You Do It…”

This is YOUR chance to create truly beautiful layouts. To celebrate the joy in your life, the declarations of love, the surprise with the everyday the FULL expression of your emotions. It’s documenting the stories behind the photos.

Think about how nice it’ll be to learn these new techniques, and then take a break from the stress of the world to create your scrapbooking masterpieces! Masterpieces that you can share with your partner and children and say to them, “I made this for you because I LOVE YOU”.

Your pages are the ULTIMATE way to show those you love how important they are to you. So isn’t important that they see the very best you can offer? The techniques you’ll learn in Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks will not only amaze your family and friends, but they will amaze YOU!

Connection with your own life and connection with others is what scrapbooking is all about, and I know that Timeless Techniques To Beautiful Scrapbooks will help you do that better than ever before!

Once you’ve watched all the training and put into practice these 4 incredible techniques your new layouts will take shape before your eyes, and you won’t believe the sheer beauty that you’ve created! You quite simply won’t believe it’s your own work.

Imagine the thrill of knowing that your gorgeously hand crafted layouts will be treasured for years to come by you, your children and your childrens’ children..

After you adhere your very first photo and the smell of glue hits your nostrils, you’ll be thankful that you invested in Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks because from this moment on your layouts will never be the same again.

"But Wait! There's More.... Because We've Totally Refreshed All The Classes Inside Timeless Techniques, For The FIRST TIME EVER, We're Giving You 3 Of Our Best-Selling Products Totally FREE!"

Because we've just refreshed all the classes inside Timeless Techniques for Beautiful Scrapbooks, for a limited time only - we'd like to celebrate by GIVING you 3 of our best selling products when you purchase today!

But hurry - this is a limited time offer that is only available till midnight Pacific Time on 28th November!

Purchase Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks today and get at no additional cost...


Time Sensitive Bonus # 1 - 525 New and Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches (Value: $27.97)

525 New and Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches is our best selling product. Featuring 525 ready-to-go scrapbooking sketches you'll NEVER be stuck for layout ideas again!

Discover how EASY it is to start and finish a layout in record time, using our proven sketches.525

Create single photo, double photo even triple photo layouts with easy, knowing with confidence that each layout will look nothing short of GORGEOUS upon completion.

With over 10,000 delighted customers, 525 New and Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches has helped scrappers the world over, create more pages in LESS time....and now it's your turn!

Normally $27.97, it's yours totally FREE when you purchase the refreshed edition of Timeless Techniques For Scrapbooking Sketches today (offer ends Midnight Pacific Time 28th November)

Time Sensitive Bonus # 2 - Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers (Value: $19.95)

Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers is the only dedicated guide to help scrapbookers finally sort, store and back up their precious pictures.

And when you order the refreshed training inside Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks, you can get Stress Free Photo Organization totally FREE (normally $19.95).stress-free-photo

Within the first few pages, you'll discover what type of organizer your are, and then you'll get exact recommendations on how to organize, store and back up your photos.

Packed full of step-by-step instructions, it's over 100 pages long and full of ideas and methods to give you the confidence and know how to organize your pictures fast!

Now, there's lot of books out there about organizing your photos, but most of these books only offer general advice.

Scrapbookers have very different uses for our photos. That's why Stress Free Photo Organization is the best ebook for you. Because it is written by scrapbookers FOR scrapbookers.

And once you finish reading Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers, you'll be so organized you'll always know how to find the exact photo for your layout, and have the peace of mind knowing that your photos are safe and fully backed up in case the worse should happen.

Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers will finally motivate you to get your photo collection organized once and for all!

Time Sensitive Bonus # 3 - 10,000 Instant Scrapbook Page Titles (Value: $27.97)

When you order Timeless Techniques today - for a few days only you can get 10,000 Instant Scrapbook Page Titles - totally free!

10,000 Instant Scrapbook Page Titles is a comprehensive ebook with over 10,000 unique titles and quotes! Yes - you read that right - 10,000.10000

There’s scrapbook quotes for nearly EVERY occassion. Short titles, long titles, funny titles, emotional titles, quirky titles, cute titles, meaningful titles, even rhyming titles!

And there’s 10,000 of them!

So you will literally NEVER be stuck for the right words ever again.

It’s the ultimate reference for journaling when you get stuck.

Every one of our 10,000 scrapbook quotes are organised by THEME.  With 140 themes, these categories give you a title and quote without making you spend hours finding them. 

Just choose your theme, click to that section of the book and use one of our already professionally done titles.  Come up with a title you'll be proud of within 30 seconds or less every single time!

And it’s a tool that every scrapbooker and card maker should have to express their deepest sentiments. It doesn't matter whether you've been scrapping for 20 years or 2 months this ebook can help you!

"...So Until Midnight Pacific Time Monday 28th November, You Get 3 Of Our Best Selling Products FREE, PLUS The 4 Other Additional Bonuses, When You Order Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks Today!"

You've probably seen our emails advertising those 3 time sensitive bonus products we just talked about for between $19.95 and $27.97...

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Now, the 100 minutes of classes inside Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks alone is valued at $97.

And the 3 regular bonuses included are a total value of $129.80.

But add to that - 525 Sketches (valued at $27.97), Photo Organization (valued at $19.95) and 10,000 Instant Scrapbook Page Titles (valued at $27.97), and the total value of this package is $302.69

But today you can have it all for just $67. That's over 77% off!

For that small investment you'll have all the scrapbooking inspiration you'll ever need.

And the best part? You can access it right away....doesn't matter if you're on a computer or iPAD (or other tablet device).

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To order all this incredible training for the heavily discounted price of just $67 (normally $302.69), click the add to cart button below.

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  • Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks Training (value – $49.95)
  • How To Scrapbook Your Trip (value – $29.95)
  • How To Scrapbook Your Family Memories (value – $29.95)
  • How To Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business ebook (value – $49.95)
  • Become A Scrapbooking Pro ebook (value – $19.95)
  • 525 New and Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches (value - $27.97)
  • 10,000 Instant Scrapbook Page Titles (value - $27.97)
  • Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers (value - $19.95)

But today you’ll get all of this for the low price of just $67.97!

Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks  Sale

I wish you all the very best in preserving your families stories and memories in the most CREATIVE way possible!


P.S. Your layouts and pages reflect who you are and where you’ve come from. And being able to remember how AMAZING your life experience is, and how deeply you love others! So make the decision today to give your layouts your very best from your creative core! Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks can show you how!

P.P.S. Get all this inspiration today for just $67.97 (it’s valued at over $302.69).

Don’t miss out, click here to order your copy today!